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Welcome to the Best of Both Worlds!
Our aim is to create a fun and secure environment for each and every child in our care. We believe children learn through playing, and that’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to create an engaging daycare experience for children 6 weeks to 5 year old.

As a Christian family, our core values of love and respect are evident in both our approach to childcare and family. Together we have raised seven children of our own. Our oldest is in college and our youngest is in pre-school! Our backgrounds include working with children with special needs and more than 10 years experience working with K-5th grade children in the Wayzata school district.

Girls embrace eachother at sprinkler

We believe children deserve to be treated with respect. That’s why at Best of Both Worlds daycare, we are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to encourage and stimulate young minds and imaginations. We want your child to feel free to explore and ask questions, and we know when a child feels safe, secure, loved and accepted, they are free to engage in those early childhood experiences that lead to enrichment and growth.